Sharif Upstream Petroleum Research Institute (SUPRI) in Sharif University of Technology has been established in 2013 as a technology oriented center for scientific, fundamental and applied research in oil and gas industry. Members of this Institute are professors from various departments of Sharif University of Technology and other visiting professors with the research backgrounds in upstream petroleum industry. This institute is currently involved in several research projects financially supported by oil industry. The aim of this institute is as follow:

Cooperation of various research centers, Institutes and departments in order to improve the quality of research projects for the upstream petroleum Industry

Technological knowledge Development for oil and gas industry at the national and international level

Definition and execution of industrial and research projects for oil and gas industry

Reservoir studies and cooperation in oil and gas field development

Recognition of new technologies in oil and gas industry and localization of them

Organizing applied and specific workshops for oil and gas industry


Address: Sharif Upstream Petroleum Research Institute, First Floor, South Building, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department , Sharif University of Technology, Azadi Street, Tehran, Iran.

Tel/Fax: +98 21 6616-6461,2 Email: supri@sharif.ir web: supri.sharif.edu


Reservoir Characterization and Modeling Group

Director: Dr. S. Jamshidi

Reservoir characterization and modeling is an important research area for development and management of hydrocarbon reservoirs. In this field of study, new technologies in hydrocarbon reservoir exploration and appraisal (using seismic, petrophysics, geology, etc.) can be used.Then by using these data the static reservoir model is built. This model is used in flow simulation, reservoir performance evaluation, new well placement selection, estimation of oil in place, selection of optimized method for reservoir management and history matching.

Reservoir Production Improvement and EOR Group

Director: Dr. M. Masihi

One of the major areas of research in oil industry is to improve the oil production and studying the EOR methods. Sufficient knowledge of reservoir production mechanisms, the conditions of the reservoir fluid and rock properties can lead to better designing of enhanced oil recovery processes. Moreover, researches in reservoir evaluation methods, reservoir modeling and simulation and well stimulation (such as acidizing, hydraulic fracturing, formation damage removal and other efficient methods) are very important.

New Technologies and Smart Systems Group

Director: Dr. M. Manzari

As the economic measures depend on the oil production, development of oil industry is important which depends on new science and technologies that can be very helpful in cost reduction and efficiency improvement. New methods in drilling and well completion as well as use of smart wells and e-fields lead to easier production and enhancement in oil recovery which needs the use of previous experience and new technologies.

Geophysics and related Technologies Group

Director: Dr. A. Pak

Formation evaluation and reservoir exploration need various data from drilling of exploration wells and geological study as well as geophysics studies. One of the main area is the geophysical technologies which has been developed during last two decade significantly to monitor and manage the drilling and production activities.


Board of directors
Dr. Asghar Molaei Dehkordi Director of Sharif Upstream Petroleum Research Institute (SUPRI), SUT
Dr. Mohsen Masihi Vice Chair, Department of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, SUT
Dr. Mokhtari Director of Industry Relations, SUT
Dr. ... Director of an oil company (strategic partner of the SUPRI)
Dr. ... Director of an oil company (strategic partner of the SUPRI))
Dr. sh. Ayatollahi Research Interest: Multi phase Flow in Porous Media Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Interfacial Properties, IFT, Wettability Molecular Dynamics for Low Salinity Water Injection Well Stimulation
Dr. S. Jamshidi Research Interest: Petroleum Engineering
Dr. M. Masihi Research Interest: Petroleum Engineering, Reservoir Engineering
Dr. V. Taghikhani Research Interest: Applied Thermodynamics
Dr. A. Molaei Research Interest: Transport Phenomena and Separation Processes, Modeling and Simulation of Multiphase Flows, and Energy Storage
Dr. M. Ghazanfari Research Interest: EOR Asphaltene, Transport in Porous Media, Formation damage
Dr. S. Shad Research Interest: Petroleum Engineering, Drilling
Dr. A. Pak Research Interest: Geomechanics
Dr. M. Bazargan Research Interest: Petroleum Engineering, Acidizing


Research Projects

Effect of N2 injection on instability of Asphaltene precipitation in reservoirs

Rock and Fluid properties tests services

Smart wells.

Investing the possibilty of wax formation in gas reservoirs of Iran.

Using nano-material for lubricating of crude oil.

Preparing a bank of EOS for IOOC.

Lab study of removing solids in the well using ultrasonics.

A smart model of reservoir screening for EOR

Services for the study of quality of industrial additive for acidizing

Certification for performance ofpipe thread in Ramshir

New polymers for EOR application.

Study of EOR methods of SPOL and proposing optimized method based on fluid type

Field Projects

1. Research studies for technological developement of optimized production and EOR in Kupal field-NISOC.

2. Research studies for technological developement of optimized production and EOR in South Pars field-POGC.

3. Research studies for technological development related to technical knowledge of the process of desulfurization of naphtha and intermediate distillation (HDS)-NIORDC


EOR Labratory-SUT

Aim: Investigation of different EOR methods

Industrial chemical additives Labratory

Aim: Investigation of the chemical properties of additives

Drilling Labratory

Aim: Study of different tests related to drilling

Rock & Fluid Labratory

Aim: Study of different flow property of rocks and fluids

Geotechnic Labratory

Aim: Study of different mechanical property of rocks